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Efforts Continue to Ensure HB 849 Covers All Georgians February 8, 2016

ATLANTA – A House subcommittee considered amendments to HB 849 today, legislation which would extend public accommodations nondiscrimination protections to some Georgians. In its current form, the bill does not cover a wide swath of Georgians – including those who are gay and transgender. While the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rich Golick (R-Smyrna), has said he would like to add protected classes to the bill and sees its current form as a starting point only, the subcommittee today rejected the addition of an amendment that would extend protections to gay and transgender people. The amendment may resurface when the bill is considered by the full committee.

Jeff Graham of Georgia Unites released the following statement:

“While we’re disappointed that the subcommittee rejected an amendment that would make HB 849 a stronger bill, we’re continuing to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to ensure that the bill is as comprehensive as possible when it emerges from full committee. We agree with Rep. Golick that this bill should grow to protect more Georgians – including hardworking LGBT Georgians and their families.

“We’re committed to producing a bill that reflects Georgia’s values and makes our state the best possible place to do business and raise a family. That means passing legislation that protects all Georgians from discrimination, not just some.”



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