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Georgia Rabbi for LGBT Non-Discrimination: Everyone is entitled to the same freedoms Rabbi Peter Berg ~ Atlanta, GA
New Bill Allows Businesses to Discriminate against LGBT Georgians January 14, 2016

ATLANTA – Rep. Kevin Tanner (R-Dawsonville) yesterday filed HB 756, a bill that would allow business owners across the state to refuse service to same-sex couples. Georgia Unites, the bipartisan campaign working to protect gay and transgender Georgians from discrimination, released the following statement:

“We all believe in the freedom of religion, and that’s why we must work to protect all Georgians – including people of faith and LGBT people. HB 756 singles out same-sex couples for harm, and that’s wrong. Planning a wedding is a joyous life event – no one would want to face discrimination as they plan to make a lifelong commitment to their loved one in front of all their friends and family.

“HB 756 simply doesn’t represent the needs of small business owners or our values here in Georgia. We know that, nationally, one-third of small business owners don’t think it’s right to deny services to gay and transgender people based on religious beliefs. And just last week, more than 100 businesses from across Georgia came together to promote non-discrimination.

“Bills like this hurt our state’s reputation and stymy our growth. It’s time for state lawmakers to listen to the people of faith, business leaders and others who are all calling for legislation that protects all Georgians.”

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